Juli Smith and Brian Stoiber


Posted on  Oct 07 2011  | Posted in  Photography

Well, we just booked our photographer last night. We are going with Timothy Whaley & Associates to photograph this special day for us. We met with Nick who we both wanted to be our photographer but he was already booked for Nov. 3, 2012. Really? that far in advance? Wow. Anyways, he said he had a couple photographer that he works with that he will set us up with to see if we like them. They suggest people and we choose who we like.

One thing we know we wanted was more of a photojournalistic side to the photographs. Something you would see on Style Me Pretty. We wanted the story of our wedding to be told and not just have pictures of everyone. We both think that having 2 photographers (a photojournalist and a storyteller) that will be accomplished.

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